All residents of Earl township are covered in areas covered by and considered “home turf” by the ambulance companies. You don’t have to be at your residence to be covered (example: if you live on Sunset Hill Road, but have an accident in Boyertown Borough, you’re covered) Our agreement pays your membership, but you are required to forward to the ambulance organization any funds sent to you by your insurance carrier compensating you for the ambulance service.

Our agreement does not cover routine transport, only emergency responses. If you are within the area described above and an “outside” ambulance responds to your emergency, you are responsible to forward the insurance compensation (if any) just as always. Any other compensation is the responsibility of Boyertown or Oley Ambulance.

This agreement does not apply to us if we are in another jurisdiction and require the local ambulance service (example: if you have an accident in Amity, none of this applies).

  • Boyertown Ambulance (610) 367-2300
  • Oley Ambulance (610) 987-3211